It is the foundation of a successful conference

The 9th DDSS Agenda is ready for you to explore and assess.

In it you will find:

  • A partial list of attendees for the 9th DDSS.
  • A complete list of the hot topics to be discussed at the 9th DDSS.
  • A list of all the key note speakers along the topics they are going to discuss.
  •  A minute by minute breakdown of how we have planned your two days with us.


I would definitely recommend your interesting summit to other people specially people working in small and mid-size companies. I would say that quality of summit was very good because, we had very interesting talks with all the delegates we met. Same goes for prequalified one-to-one meetings protocol.

Astorgues Xerrs Preclinical Project Manager of Afr Oncology

To be honest I was not expecting that I would have such an excellent experience. Everything about the event was just right; agenda, technical part, presentations, attendees and food you name it. Unlike, typical summits the people who were attending, were there to do work which is very good for business development.

Michael Thormann Co-founder & Managing Director at Origenis

Everyone gave good talks and I have learned a lot from the talks at DDSS. I had a much better experience than my expectation. Venue was perfect, right size and right spot for the occasion. I would recommend my CRO colleagues for the future series.

Mathias Nees