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We believe 2020 is the year which came with so many instances that we were not prepared for. It has affected everybody in one way or another, on the other hand, we have also become acquainted with some kind gestures from our culture at the same time. AFSG is profoundly honored to share with you all, that all of our employees and customers have been of great support to us during these tough times of global crisis. Two of our summits from the drug discovery series were delivered in 2020, one of them in the US and the other in Europe. Even in the midst of all the chaos that revolved around the COVID19 pandemic, we tried our level best to gather individuals and help them develop their business through mutually beneficial collaborations, the results were outstanding. To give you a glimpse of AFSG’s past year, here is a shortlist of highly-celebrated speakers from the Pharma & Biotech world and few prominent CRO sponsors, to help you all understand the standard of the audience we invite to our summits, who trusts us. We hope to represent you with the best of our capabilities in the near future and will leave no stone unturned in this respect!

we heard from them

These Experts have Inspired us to Create Future

Thomas Tibbitts

SVP Computational Discovery, Goldfinch Bio

Torsten Hoffmann

SVP Drug Discovery, Taros Chemicals

Vivek Vishnudas

SVP Drug Discovery & Platform Sciences, BERG Health

Arnold Lippa

CSO, RespireRx Pharmaceuticals

Margaret Offermann

CEO, OncoSpherix

Roger New

CSO, Vaxcine



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